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Whether you are a 2 person company or a 20,000 person enterprise, Bryq can help you improve your hiring, today.

Based on your requirements, select the plan that best matches your needs. There is no minimum duration for our plans.

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$49 /mo

  • up to 2 open positions

  • no ATS integration

  • web & email support

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$199 /mo

  • up to 10 open positions

  • no ATS integration

  • premium support

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$799 /mo

  • up to 50 open positions

  • ATS integration

  • premium support

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Enterprises and Recruiters

If you are a large enterprise or a Recruiter, we have customized plans to fill your specific needs, that include:

  • unlimited open positions

  • custom ATS integration (including support for in-house systems)

  • share reports with customers

  • premium and on-site support

  • team assessment and profile creation consulting

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Are you a startup?

We know how every new hire matters for your startup. Bryq can help set you in the right direction, by helping you select the most appropriate candidates to build your team. If you are a pre-Series A startup, contact us for a free-of-charge account.